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Learning to work
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We strongly believe tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs need to understand the role of branding in their businesses since customers are already buying values and solutions, not products! Besides knowing how important brands are, they also need to know how to start and manage a brand like they know how to manage a production line or sell a product. As a strong believer in how brands can transform a business, we serve those who have a strong determination to learn how to operate a brand with practical and on-the-job coaching and training. 



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How we can
serve you

We have developed a 20 hour small class, intensive training course for executives that is based on our own experiences. It has received very favorable rating from those who have taken it, and have transformed some managers from not knowing much about brands to strong brand believers and effective practitioners. We have also served as brand consultants to help companies run their brand/marketing departments and coach managers on the job. 

Please contact us to see how we can serve you in better understand branding. 




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Brand Service Works

- Brand Consulting   - 品牌諮詢

- Brand Consulting  
- 品牌諮詢

- Brand Training Course  - 品牌行銷課程

- Brand Training Course 
- 品牌行銷課程


Case Study:
KFS Natural Essence

Before we started working with KFS on their rebranding, we first went through the executive branding course together with the key managers behind the brand. While working on the rebranding, we also serve as brand consultants, leading the KFS team to better understand the transformation process.