Founded  2004


Tainan, Taiwan
Toronto, Canada


David Pan
CEO & Creative Director 





CEO / 創意總監


Full service brand partner for business leaders interested in utilizing the power of branding in their businesses. Starting with training, we help our partners to better understand the relationship between branding and their business. Whether it’s starting a new brand, re-strategizing or re-positioning a brand, we start the strategizing process by looking at business models and studying the market. After forming the strategy, we are able to execute that strategy through touch point creation. This could involve designing the product, designing it’s packaging, websites, online marketing, videos, and retail spaces. All supported by ongoing brand consulting and coaching to get the job done. 

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為想體驗品牌力量的企業主提供完整服務。我們將從開設培訓課程奠定基礎,使企業夥伴更瞭解品牌與商業運作的關聯。無論是新創品牌或是企業品牌更新,我們將從 檢視商業模式、進行市場調查著手,協助擬定品牌策略。策略擬定後,我們也有專業完善的創意發想和執行能力,透過產品設計、包裝設計、網站架設、電子商務、 影片拍攝、品牌空建設計等方式,和消費者達成最佳接觸點溝通。我們也提供後續品牌諮詢和相關企業訓練,使品牌行銷發揮最大能量。



We have a wide array of branding experiences in Taiwan and abroad. From working with successful brand start-ups like Matthew’s Choice, century old brands like Jiu Zhen Nan, technology brands like HTC and TSMC, Canadian brands like Ella’s Botanicals, international B2B service providers like Beijer Electronics, retail chains like SunFar 3C, restaurant chains like Shin Yeh, local delicacy brands such as Elate, large food companies like Uni-President. Even museums like Taiwan National Museum of Taiwan History and Chimei museum. These experiences have taught us to respect customers and markets, and to become more sensitive to their needs. 


我們在台灣與海外市場皆有許多品牌實戰經驗,我們的企業夥伴涵蓋食品品牌Matthew’s Choice、百年餅店舊振南,科技品牌HTC、台積電,加拿大香氛品牌Ella’s Botanicals,國際商務品牌北爾電子,通路品牌順發3C,連鎖餐飲品牌欣葉,在地伴手禮品牌依蕾特,食品企業統一集團。台灣歷史博物館和奇美博物 館也選擇好點子為合作對象。這些難能可貴的實戰經驗,使我們更珍視尊重客戶與消費者,更有能力貼合他們的需求。


Our biggest strength is our experience and ability to create a brand from scratch, beyond the design and creatives. Starting with a business model, targeted market and differentiated value proposition. After finding this and charting a strategic goal, we are able to build and execute a brand with it’s required touch points for customers to experience the brand. From strategy to brand execution and operation, we have done it for our partners as well as with them. 


好點子有能力超越創意與設計,運用累積多年的實戰經驗打造品牌。從設定商業模式、鎖定目標族群,從中尋找有別於既往的消費者需求和品牌價值,並著手研擬策 略。策略確立後,我們才能建立可被目標族群正確接觸認知的品牌行銷活動。從策略擬定乃至創意執行,我們都有能力提供最佳服務。



We do a fair amount of assessment before we take on a project, to ensure that it’s a good fit, and that we are able to provide good value in the project. Once we have decided we maintian a strong ownership mindset over the work we do, charting the course with our collaborating partners to drive the project forward, and creating our vision for the brand. We work closely with our collaborating partners, unlike agency to client. Forming a project task-force and participating as collaborators. We also work within our collaborating partner’s companies, leading the project with participants from both companies. We find that this « one team » approach is the best way to foster the best environment for good brand work. 

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在我們進行計畫前會進行大量前置研究,確保我們已提供最妥善、最有價值的品牌行銷方案。計畫開始後,我們會與合作夥伴進行相關討論與腦力激盪,試著從不同角 度看見問題、提供多元思維。不同於一般行銷顧問或廣告公司,好點子和夥伴擁有非常緊密的合作關係,我們提供專業建議和服務,帶領企業內部員工和我們一起前 進。好點子« one team » - 與企業夥伴合而為一,是最能激發創意遠見、奠定品牌根基的合作模式。




7-Eleven, Chimei, COPLUS, Dale Carnegie Training, DOMI, Elate, Ella’s Botanicals, HTC, Jiaja, Jiu Zhen Nan, KMC, Matthew’s Choice,  Shin Yeh, Siraya National Scenic Area, SunFar, Taiwan National Museum, TSMC,  Uni-President. 


7-11, 奇美, COPLUS, 卡內基訓練,DOMI,依蕾特,Ella’s Botanicals,HTC,家甲,舊振南,KMC,Matthew’s Choice,欣葉,西拉雅國家風景區,順發3C,台灣歷史博物館,台積電,統一集團


4 x iF Packaging Design Award, 2 x iF Communication Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, Pentawards Gold Award, HKDA Asia Design Award, Taiwan EPA Green Packaging Gold Award, 3 x Taiwan Gold Pin, US FESA Golden Leaf, 2 x Taiwan Golden Print.


德 國iF Packaging Design包裝設計獎 x 4、德國iF Communication Design設計傳達獎 x 2、德國Red Dot Design Award設計傳達講、德國國家設計獎、全球Pentawards GOLD包裝設計獎金獎、香港HKDA亞洲設計獎、台灣環保署綠色包裝設計講金獎、台灣Golden Pin金點設計認證 x 3、美國FESA金葉設計獎、台灣金印設計獎x2