Importane of Strategy in Branding

Contrary to the popular belief that successful branding is based mainly on the size of your budget. We believe it is the successful execution of a precise and well defined strategy. In fact we feel that budget can only advance the speed of executing the strategy and widen it’s effect, but no matter how much money you invest in, the wrong strategy will still not be effective. In fact a good and precise strategy can help you achieve more result with less resources. 



Our approach to Brand Strategy

We use a large percentage of our project times on researching, formulating, building consensus and mapping out the strategy before we get down to execute a brand. It’s a proven method our partners will attest to. Having a clear strategy everyone agrees with not only make executing the brand smoother and more efficient. It also greatly improves the success rate of the brand on the market place.



Strategy Works


- Research       - 品牌與市場研究

- Research      
- 品牌與市場研究

- Workshop      - 行銷工作坊

- Workshop     
- 行銷工作坊

- Positioning     - 品牌定位

- Positioning    
- 品牌定位









- Naming          - 品牌與產品命名

- Naming         
- 品牌與產品命名

- Strategy Planning    - 策略擬定

- Strategy Planning   
- 策略擬定


Case Study: Matthew’s Choice

From advising to name the brand after it’s founder, and thus using his 20 years of experience in the industry, and making him the spokesperson for the brand, to coming up with « Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle » as brand pillars. Click here to learn about how we created the framework for a brand people can respect and fall in love with. 

For more on Matthew’s Choice

Matthew’s Choice

從為品牌創始人提供命名建議,從他在業界二十年的經驗中提取經驗,說服他擔任品牌代言人,發想« Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle » 作為品牌精神。請點入連結,瞭解我們如何以專業、熱情與創意建構這個人人尊敬喜愛的健康品牌。

探索 Matthew’s Choice