Assisting SunFar to more effectively communicate it’s CCC (charity committed corporation 公益型企業) initiatives to it’s customers. Developing a whole new visual style and identity, and greatly improving the awareness rate of it’s SunFar’s CCC activities to its customers from less then 3 out of 10 in-store customers to more then 7 out of 10 customers to knowing of SunFar’s efforts. 



好點子協助順發3C,將公益型企業理念傳遞給它的消費者。透過發展全新主視覺與企業識別,我們成功提昇消費者在上述面向的理解 – 目前消費者對順發3C公益形象的理解與感受數據,已從3/10提昇至7/10。



Since 2010, SunFar has donated 20% of it’s annual profit to helping underprivileged children in Taiwan. To date, it has donated more then NT$ 140,000,000. However most of SunFar’s customer and the general public are not aware of SunFar’s charitable activities. To change this, we created a new communication campaign in close collaboration with SunFar’s president Mr. Wu to more effectively get this message across.





We created the identity « 20 for future » to communicate SunFar’s charitable initiatives, SunFar liked the concept so much they adapted it for the CCC alliance (公益企業聯盟). We came up with a very concise copy and consistently communicated across various touch points, also changing the communication flow, first thanking SunFar’s customers for helping the children (as it is the customers patronage which makes the givings possible), and reporting to them how far SunFar has come in that effort. 


為傳達順發3C的公益理念,我們發想« 20 for future »識別。我們的企業夥伴相當喜歡這個概念,將其擴大應用於順發3C所號召的「公益企業聯盟」。我們發展出相當簡明有力的文案,可運用於各類接觸點溝通。我們也轉換溝通模式的順序,先感謝順發3C顧客 - 沒有他們的力量,就無法幫助這些兒童;然後再報告順發3C的各項努力。



We noticed most customers would not spend too much time to look around when visiting SunFar’s stores, also the store space is already cluttered with many adverts from manufacturers. We knew heavily using images of children (something customers would not expect when visiting SunFar) to get their attention, so we could communicate the point across. The images of the children also help to communicate a sense of gratitude to the customers, tying back into thanking the customers for their patronage and participation. 


我們發現大多數客戶在光臨順發通路時,並不會花太多時間到處參觀,店內空間許許多多的製造商廣告佔據。我們知道受捐孩童的照片絕對可以吸引這些顧客的注意, 尤其當他們根本不預期到此會看見這類影像,所以我們以此作為溝通重點。這些孩童照片確實也在向顧客們傳達感謝之意,是顧客的力量使他們獲得所需幫助。



Through a search of 4,000 children, 4 were selected as spokesperson for this year’s campaign. Both Mr. Wu and us felt very strongly not to exploit the children for our communication purposes, we wanted to present the real stories of these kids, and to communicate the efforts they make, and how with a little help from us, their lives could really be quite different and amazing. 







Using the beautiful and expansive photography of the children shot with the visual guidelines, we were able to create multiple poster images that communicated clearly the message and essence of our campaign. 





A white paper style booklet was produced to communicate SunFar’s journey into becoming CCC, and it’s choice of working with EduSave (教育儲蓄戶), highlighting some of the lives it touched, to the creation of the CCC alliance. 





We created a POP (point of sale) communication system to bring the visuals and message into SunFar's stores, we conducted extensive testing and tweaked the system, to ensure it’s effectiveness to grab the attention of store visitors and effectively communicate SunFar’s effort to them. 





We re-created SunFar’s CSR website using the visuals and content we created for the campaign. The website is in both Chinese and English to bring SunFar’s efforts in CCC to an international audience. 




Social Media

Our online marketing team also worked with SunFar’s online marketing team to tweak the communication method and style of SunFar’s CSR social media, sharing more stories of the children, and engaging it’s audience in a more personal and human level. 


我們的線上行銷團隊,調整順發3C公益社群媒體的視覺風格與溝通調性 – 我們分享更多孩子們的故事,使讀者更能將這些孩子連結至自己的生命經驗。




We are happy to see our communication campaign helped SunFar to better inform it’s customers and engage with them on this important and meaningful effort. Through working with SunFar’s president Mr. Wu we also re-examined a lot of our values and learnt from a great individual who we find is one of the great mavericks in Taiwan’s business world.