Touch Point Creation


Touch Points, Touch Points

Touch Points are the medium and instances where the customers comes in contact with your brand. A successful brand master will utilize every opportunity to deliver the brand experience and communicate brand position effectively. Unifying the look and feel of these different touch points is also an important task for a brand. Even though this shouldn’t be very difficult, we find that many companies struggle with this.



Touch Point Mastery

In order to effectively communicate and execute the brand strategy we create, we have built up a cross-disciplinary internal team as well as a team of external partners we work with to effectively achieve this. We find this to be a key factor for brand success in today’s competitive landscape. Gone are the days of partnering with a long list of service providing partners for different touch points. In todays highly competitive landscape with it’s speed and budgets restraints, we think our solution to effective touch points execution is highly effective. 




Touch Point Creation Works

- Identity Design             - 企業識別

- Identity Design            
- 企業識別

- Packaging Design         - 包裝設計

- Packaging Design        
- 包裝設計

- Brand Space Design      - 品牌空間設計

- Brand Space Design     
- 品牌空間設計

- Brand Content Creation   - 品牌內容建構

- Brand Content Creation  
- 品牌內容建構

- Brand Website               - 品牌網站

- Brand Website              
- 品牌網站

- Video                            - 影音製作

- Video                           
- 影音製作


Case Study:

After coming up with the new business model for Jiaja in one of our executive brand training courses, we developed the brand strategy and began to bring the brand to life through it’s various touch points, which ranged from it’s E-commerce website, packaging, brand videos, to the bi-monthly magazine Weeknight, which we also edit and release.