Matthew’s Choice

Through a series of discussion and workshop, we came up with the 3 brand pillars; Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle which communicated what the brand was all about. From these 3 touch points we developed the various touch points for the brand.




Jiu Zhen Nan

Using the visual strategies as a starting point, we treated the product brochures more as story books in which to communicate the stories of the products, as the pastries as individual characters in the story. In an attempt to strike a perfect balance between communicating the artistry of the products, and the basic information such as gift set options and pastry flavors. 



Ella's Botanicals

We redesigned the identity using Ella’s signature as logo-type, communicating her personal commitment and guarantee for the quality of her products. 




Since 2010, SunFar has donated 20% of it’s annual profit to helping underprivileged children in Taiwan. To date, it has donated more then NT$ 140,000,000. However most of SunFar’s customer and the general public are not aware of SunFar’s charitable activities. To change this, we created a new communication campaign in close collaboration with SunFar’s president Mr. Wu to more effectively get this message across.